Western National Rangeland CDE Rules 2021

  1. Each team must be “certified” to represent its state by your state coordinator. Up to 5 teams from each state can participate.
  2. Each team member shall have been enrolled in a regular class in Agricultural Science and Technology in the school each is representing during the current school year.
  3. Notes, bulletins, etc., must not be used in the contest. Clean clipboards, preferable clear plastic, are allowed.
  4. No electronic devices except for non-programmable calculators may be used. Cell phones need to be turn off or turned in to the team coach.
  5. Contest results submitted to contest officials by the tabulation committee are final unless obvious errors are noted before results are tabulated.
  6. Tie scores will be broken by the total score of all four team members. The second tie breaker and individual tie breaker will be the plant ID score.
  7. Four contestants comprise a team. The three highest scores determine the team score. A team of three members will be permitted to enter. If less than three members from a club or chapter are present, they may enter as individual contestants. One alternate per team is allowed to participate, but their score is not included in the official scoring.
  8. Members of a team winning first place in any previous Western National Rangeland Assessment CDE will not be eligible to participate in any future events.
  9. Official dress is NOT required for the field event. Teams are encouraged to wear FFA team jackets if weather permits, but weather and terrain appropriate clothing is highly encouraged. Rough rocky terrain and cold wet weather is common. Official dress is required at the presentation of awards.