You will be able to register teams, individual competitors, or supporting individuals on this site in October 2020.

You will need the following information to register:
> Chapter Name and State
> Advisor Name, Email, and Phone Number
> Names of students competing in the event.  Teams consist of 4 Range Team Members with 1 Range Alternate (optional). If bringing Individuals, please indicate in the email.
> Invoices will be emailed to Advisors

Teams:  The top five teams from a state can register here to participate in the Western National Rangeland CDE. Registration is due Saturday, October 31. There is a registration fee per team of $100.  

Individual Competitors:  Individuals who placed within the top ten in their state competition, but whose team did not qualify to compete in the CDE can also register. These individuals can compete for individual awards, but not team awards.  Registration is due Saturday, October 31. Registration fee for individuals will be $20.

Supporting Individuals:  Supporting individuals (i.e., parents or chaperones) are welcome to attend.  Registration is due Saturday, October 31.  Registration fee for supporting individuals is $10/person.  


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