VIDEO OVERVIEW – View a serious of videos that describe each event in the rangeland CDE. Learn how the event looks in the field and explore some “Tips and Tricks” to excel in the event.

VIRTUAL EVENT – Test your skills in the 2020 Virtual Western National Event.

RANGELAND MANAGEMENT & HABITAT IMPROVEMENT & BIOMASS ESTIMATION. Practices on Stocking Rate Problems and Habitat Improvement Problems from past events. Keys are also provided to each problem. Also view the Biomass Estimate Help Guide.

PLANT IDENTIFICATION –  The Western National Event includes 60 plants plus 5 plants specific to the rangeland area around Richfield, Utah.  You can find more information about the plants to be identified in PART 2 of the CDE by clicking to the Plant Information Site.

CURRENT RANGELAND ISSUE:  Free-roaming WILD HORSES can be found on public lands across 10 western states. and wild BURROS roam rangeland in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Oregon. However, the management of rangelands with herds of wild horses and burrows can be very challenging.  Follow the links below to learn more about wild horses and burros.


The Bureau of Land Management created the Wild Horse and Burro Program to implement the Wild-Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act, passed by Congress in 1971. This law declares states that the BLM and the U.S. Forest Service have the responsibility to manage and protect herds in their respective jurisdictions within areas where wild horses and burros were found roaming in 1971.


Learn about the Wild Horses and Burros: