VIDEO OVERVIEW – View a serious of videos that describe each event in the rangeland CDE. Learn how the event looks in the field and explore some “Tips and Tricks” to excel in the event.

VIRTUAL EVENT – Test your skills in the 2020 Virtual Western National Event.

RANGELAND MANAGEMENT and HABITAT IMPROVEMENT PROBLEMS. This page has past contests’ Stocking Rate Problems and Habitat Improvement Problems for students to practice on. Keys are also provided to each problem. The Biomass Estimate Help Guide is also located on this page.

PLANTS –  The Western National Event includes 76 plants plus 5 plants specific to the rangeland area around Baker City area.  You can find more information about the plants to be identified in PART 2 of the CDE by clicking to the Plant Information Site.

CURRENT RANGELAND ISSUE:  One of the most recent concerning invasive rangeland plant is Ventenata.  This annual grass is also known as North Africa Grass and Voodoo grass.More information about the current rangeland issue can be found here:

Good luck studying!